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“Since joining Growmodo, I’ve quickly become a master at using Figma and learned to create logos, landing pages, marketing materials, and Webflow websites. The supportive project managers have had a significant impact on my growth, making me feel truly valued and heard.”

Alden M.

“Remote work can feel isolating, but Growmodo’s weekly meetings, workshops, and social platform foster a strong creative community. Supported by helpful managers and HR, I’m eager to continue growing with Growmodo.”

Maza S.

“Growmodo is an excellent workplace that offers time and location flexibility, valuable learning opportunities, competitive pay, and a positive team atmosphere. The only drawback is the limited in-person interaction due to being a remote company.”

Virgil G.

“In just three months at Growmodo, I’ve gained valuable graphic design knowledge and look forward to showcasing and enhancing my skills daily. The flexible schedule promotes work-life balance, and the supportive team fuels my drive to excel.”

Nicholai L.

“Working at Growmodo has been an educational, exciting, and inspiring journey. I’ve discovered my strengths and areas for improvement while enjoying free courses and diverse projects. The friendly colleagues, competitive salary, and overall positive work environment make Growmodo a highly recommended place to work.”

Anna A.

“I'm grateful to be a part of the Growmodo team. Working with them is a blessing. I learn a lot of new things and work on difficult tasks. Growmodo is very nice to its employees, giving us benefits and rewards for our accomplishments.”

Ed Paulo
Web Developer

“I really enjoy working at Growmodo. The people I work with are amazing, and they work very hard to help our clients be successful. I feel lucky to be part of such a talented and helpful team.”

Web Developer

“As a developer at Growmodo, the team has provided a supportive work culture and numerous opportunities for growth. The project managers are readily available and easy to work with, making it easy to meet project goals and deadlines. The company values work-life balance, which is reflected in its flexible scheduling.”

Web Developer

“I recently got the opportunity to work with Growmodo, and I was quite impressed with both their expertise and dedication. Growmodo is dedicated to producing high-quality designs and websites using the most recent technology and methods. The company provides a flexible work schedule that allowed me to balance my personal and professional lives seamlessly.”

Web Developer

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Shopify Developer (Remote)

We are looking for a talented Shopify Developer responsible for turning our client’s web design dreams into reality and solving their issues and desired updates

What you'll need to do…

  • Implement pages efficiently using Liquid code.
  • Carry out web development to a high standard quickly
  • Implement new functionality and elements to improve the overall quality of our Shopify website
  • Ensure UX is the best in terms of delivering lightning-fast pages and clean and clear navigation
  • Spot main minor edits to graphics on photoshop to meet the needs of your web development work
  • Undertake tasks related to site optimization

What you have...

  • At least 3 years of Shopify Web Development experience
  • Demonstrable experience in Shopify Optimization
  • Expansive knowledge of Shopify's internal functions and 3rd-party App integration
  • Advanced CSS and HTML skills
  • Good discipline in staging themes and developing pages.
  • Great UX and UI skills in implementing responsive versions from a desktop mockup.
  • Strong troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to recommend improvements to the website
  • Ability to easily execute advanced developer tasks
  • Other related duties may be assigned from time to time

Bonus points if you have...

We live and breath these tools and frameworks - Do you too?

Skill Review

We check your previous work and send you a quick skill assessment to make sure you can keep up with our current talents.

Intro Call

We get on a first intro call to get to know you, dive deeper into technical knowledge, and see if your personality fits our growth culture.

Trial Task

We give you a test project to complete under time pressure in a similar format as you would experience working with Growmodo customers.

Expert Panel

You meet some of our core talent community members who will evaluate your current skill level compared to other talents.

5-Day Bootcamp

Before letting a talent work on customer projects, you go through interactive onboarding training and complete online courses and 1-to-1 coaching with our quality manager.

Ongoing Peer-to-Peer Training

A crucial part of our success is that we don't only try to find the best designers & developers but also raw diamonds and make them bling. PS: Isn't everybody a raw diamond?

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