The business world became a very competitive place.

Launching a startup is cheaper than ever before and new competitors are entering the marketplace every day.

Of course, many of them disappear after a couple of months, but some of them become a serious thread for even bigger organisations.

It’s the economic version of David vs. Goliath.

And as we love the underdogs, we want to help you find the right slingshot.

Why You Need The Top Growth Hacking Tools 2017

If you ask yourself, what’s growth hacking?

Consider marketing, mixed with a focus on one single goal – growth.

That hybrid results in growth hacking, where your competitors evaluate information to create strategies and tactics leveraged for growth.

To get a little bit more specific, it’s a mix of…

Growth Hacking
  • Creative Marketing
  • Data Analysis & Testing and
  • Software engineering & Automation

In this article, we focus on the third circle and show you a list of growth hacking tools that your competitors might already use to steal your customers.

To stay on top of the game, you need to know what technology is available to leverage your marketing tactics and automate simple task so you can scale your growth process.

However, please keep in mind…

“Growth hacking is more of a mindset than a toolkit” – Aaron Ginn

No tool alone will ever erase the need to think and mastering the basics of marketing. Use software to serve your customer better, not to mass-spam people who don’t want to hear from you in the first place.

So let’s get started…

Content Marketing Tools


Content Explorer

Content Explorer

Content Explorer helps discover popular content on topics by searching social shares, backlinks and organic traffic. Just plug in a keyword and you’ll get what’s trending. You can look at domain rating, traffic, word count, language and more.



Want to know why your competition has such great headlines? They are probably using CoSchedule. This analyzes the headline they are thinking about using, and tells you whether it’s a winner or needs work.

Keywords Everywhere

This is a chrome extension that provides google keyword search volume, competition data and cost per click. Looking for long-tail phrases? You’ll easily find them with this tool and tailor your content to what the audience is searching for.



With Mention, you’ll find out what customers are saying about you and your competition all over the web. You’ll never have to wonder about your online reputation – everything is right here.

Why it’s useful?

Because you can jump into conversations when your prospects are willing to talk about your product.



This strategic tool helps create outlines based on target keywords and provides a competitive analysis to see how you’ll stand against the competition. It also helps in optimizing your content for the best results.

Because of the higher price, more an enterprise tool though.


Lead Generation Tools


Lead Quizzes


Lead Quizzes generates leads based on quizzes. It uses social media, blogs, email campaigns or websites to engage audiences and gain insights.


This tools helps increase conversions by qualifying your leads. It builds targeted ad campaigns by identifying anonymous web traffic and directs you to audiences that fit your customer profile.


Hunter TechLookup

Get specific with this tool to locate websites you are interested in based on the technologies they use. Filter this information based on popularity or language and you’ll have all the insider information you need to improve your strategies and the technology you use.



Retainly captures leads, converts and retains customers with tools you already use like subscription forms, SMS, email, signup forms and more. It takes all this information and stores it in segmented lists for your use. You’ll be able to track and view customer profiles to design targeted campaigns.



Leverage your existing content with a viral content promotion system. Smartbribe helps driving more visitors to your lead magnets by encouraging your existing audience to tell their friends for an additional piece of content.



This tool creates and runs referral campaigns in conjunction with other marketing tools. It tracks campaigns, provides analytics, and is easy to implement.


Marketing Automation Tools


Active Campaign


ActiveCampaign is one of the best marketing automation tools out there. You’ll know when to send an email and who should get it, so you can send personalized messages on autopilot. It offers many features that you usually only get with enterprise software like Hubspot or Marketo, but for a fraction of the price.



Woopra enhances customer interaction with comprehensive customer profiles, real-time analytics and the ability to personalize your marketing messages. It also works with other apps and tools you already use to enhance your customer experiences and insights.


Flow XO

An integrative bot that broadcasts messages to your users on any platform they are using. Cross-functionality between the bot and human interaction.

This chatbot builder that can be used in minutes to engage your audience with whatever platform they are on. You can broadcast your newsletter or answer the most common customer questions without the help of your customer service team. Chatfuel is another good chatbot alternative.



If you’re not a technical marketer, that might go a bit over your head. But what Segment does is capturing data from multiple platforms which can help you to get more data insights or to create a very targeted campaign.


Outreach Tools




Reach your customers with one powerful platform that automates your outreach. Schedule emails, meetings, perform surveys and polls, attach files and find out who is opening your emails and when.


Good Sales Emails

Find out why your competition is doing so well with cold email outreach! Good Sales Emails shares examples of sales email sequences of other companies. I wouldn’t recommend copying them, but it can be a great inspiration for your next email template.



Hunter for Chrome takes your email marketing to the next level! Visit websites and locate email addresses for the domain, use LinkedIn to build leads and find email addresses from search pages. It can save you a lot of time and gives you access to pretty much everybody’s business email address.



Want to know when your prospects are most likely to open your email address, This email tool from Growbots will give you valuable insights about your ideal customer’s inbox habits. Try it out and see how it helps to increase your email open rate.



Looking for an authoritative voice to enhance your campaigns? Pitchbox helps find influencers, bloggers and publishers that meet your niche audience. You can then scale your outreach with personalised email sequences. Automatically follow up with those who have not responded to the initial email.



Klear helps you reach the influencers you need to reach and grow your business. The platform allows you to search across platforms and countries, YouTube and blogs based on a category or a specific network.


Advertising Optimization Tools




This dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of the campaigns you have launched, how much they have cost and your ROI. The platform is so intuitive you can track everything down to individual users and events.


Grade My Ads

You’re spending money on Facebook Ads, but are they really working? With ‘Grade My Ads’, you avoid wasting too much money on useless advertising. Of course, it doesn’t replace PPC marketers, but it can give you a first push in the right direction.


Social Media Tools




Dux-Soup is the single best tool to get hundreds of contact requests on Linkedin every month. It visits all profiles of your search results so that they get a notification that you have visited their profile. Some of them will come to see who you are. Just make sure you have a premium account, otherwise, you are limited to your searches and profile visits.


Be smart when you use Instagram! This tool helps get followers, likes and comments. Instanobel is what Instagress used to be, but be cautious how you use it. If you try to grow too aggressively, Instagram will shut down your account and you need to start from scratch.



Use Grouply to find prospects through Facebook groups. Locate the group your prospects are most likely a member of and start exporting their name and company. This information is enough to get their email addresses through other tools like Toofr so you can reach out to them or use the data for marketing purposes.



Enhance your engagement level with YouTube. This tool lets you bulk processing your cards across videos, increases views all over the world with the auto-translator, provides cross promotion among videos and provides analytics so you’ll know when your audiences will be most likely to see your videos.



AdParlor helps mockup ads so you will see what they will look like on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. You’ll be able to design the ad from start to finish to determine what needs to go on the ad for optimal engagement.


Display Purposes

Type In a specific keyword and it will return 30 of the most popular hashtags that you can use for your images on Instagram. A very useful tool to determine whether or not the hashtags being used are active and relevant. Just copy and paste the hashtags to your notes on your phone so you have them on hand when you post an image the next time.

Pretty Links

Pretty Links

Do your page shares look crappy when you post on Facebook? No wonder that you get no social media traffic. This tool helps you solve this problem within minutes by showing you in advance how it will appear so you can make it pretty.


Customer Insights Tools




Hotjar gives you all the customer insights in one place. Using their heatmaps, you can easily visualize customer behavior, understanding their wants and needs. See what your users see and identify the issues they may encounter to improve retention and the consumer experience.



Get real-time information about customer behavior with tracking and analytics to help you make better decisions in a timely and effective manner.



Use artificial intelligence and Google Analytics to gain insight on which campaigns and tactics are most effective. Quick reports, data integration from Adwords, Facebook and Twitter. Create goals and get reports based on those goals to help make better decisions.


Growth Race

If you have multiple projects going on, you can view them all from this tool. Track your competitors, analyze the market, measure your social profiles and get alerts when things have changed. It saves time, and gives data for Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and more.



Change your lurkers into customers! Track who’s on your website, what’s being said on social platforms, and who opens your emails. It helps you to react to signals of intent and close more deals.


Growth Idea Tools




Zest helps marketers find content that is relevant to attract and engage audiences. A powerful content-sharing platform with only the best marketing content and growth ideas. You can filter the content based on your biggest marketing challenges, so you can learn from other experts how to solve them.



GrowthHackers is the go-to community for every growth marketer. It’s very likely that you are familiar with the community or already active. But did you know that you can also use it to save growth ideas with just a click of a button?



Subscribe to the GrowthBot via Facebook Messanger and you can get valuable marketing insights within seconds.This tool connects you to various marketing systems and databases to answer your questions. Don’t know what that means? Just subscribe and you will see what I mean. It’s free.



Ladder did a fantastic job to create a massive database of growth ideas for every step in the funnel. They even tell you what results you could expect. Of course, there is no guarantee to see similar improvements. The page can also be a bit overwhelming, but just get started and make it a habit to try them out. One idea by the time.


Growth Process Management Tools




 Why using Google sheets if you can use Pipefy? This tool supports process management with a number of features and resources to make things easier and enhance productivity. It can make it easier to execute your growth ideas in your team by keeping the overview of what’s going on.



View your goals on one big board and prioritize things as they should be. Your strategy begins with a growth map that encompasses everything going on as it relates to a specific project. Using this tool, you will be able to align the goals of the company with the goals of the people who work for you. As you go through the board, you’ll begin to see who or what adds value, and who doesn’t.



The overall purpose of these growth hacking tools is to encourage and accelerate growth for your business. Used wisely, you can see great gains and ROI.

Learning how to use these tools to your advantage might take you some time but it’s essential for every growth marketer. Take the time to determine which of these tools will work best for you and your startup. There’s a tool in every category that should appeal to your specific circumstances.

Time to get busy.

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Written by Paul Preisler

Written by Paul Preisler

Paul is a personal growth enthusiast, book addict and passionate about helping startups with digital marketing. And yes, he is also the co-founder of Growmodo.

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