How to Get The Most Out of Growmodo

If you never outsourced work before or had bad experiences in the past when working remotely, this page is a MUST read. We believe it is a critical factor for a long-lasting love relationship between you and our team. Otherwise, it is going to lead to a lot of frustration on both sides.

How to Delegate Tasks and Give Feedback:


IMPORTANT: Please create a proper profile on Asana with a headshot image and your full name. Building a lasting relationship with you is our #1 priority and we don’t like to communicate with an anonymous email address.

Successful work delegation starts with effective communication. From our experience with hundreds of clients, we noticed that happy long-term clients describe their tasks and give feedback differently than clients who never used an outsourcing service before. Please familiarize and use this delegation template and feedback template for all team communication.

Always use your unique task request form to delegate tasks (once you have access to your project board)

Paint the big picture - Is the task part of a larger project?

Communicate your expectations - Do you want us to be creative or follow your detailed instructions to a T?

Describe your task as detailed as possible but not too detailed, so we need 30 minutes just to understand your task brief.

Divide your brief or feedback into clear bullet points.

Whenever possible, add a link to a screen-recording video (please no video uploads). Free tools you can use are Loom, Bubbles and CloudApp.

Include all necessary resources to your brief with a link to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder.

When sharing Google docs or Drive/Dropbox folders, make sure everybody in our team can access it.

If you want to use Growmodo to redesign and develop a new website, please create a sitemap in advance or schedule a strategy call to get help. A great free tool you can use is

When giving feedback, please let us know what you like and don’t like. We want to learn your preferences and improve work overtime.

Take your time to gather all your feedback and try to send everything through in one comment instead of multiple ad-hoc messages every time something else comes to mind. Otherwise, it is very easy to miss a comment and go through another round of revision.

Please be aware that we likely work in different timezones, and you can experience delays of more than 24 hours on a task turnaround if your task description is not complete and if we need to request more information. You can compare our timezones on this map.

If you use Growmodo for your clients, please don’t promise your clients any deadlines that our team didn’t confirm.

Design Tasks

What is the goal of the design? (More conversions, brand building, etc.)

Who is the target group? Who do you want to appeal to?

Show design inspirations from other websites. Sites you can use for inspiration are Pinterest, Dribbble, Behance, or your competitors.

Provide us with all necessary graphics as vector files or high-resolution product images in a shared Dropbox/Drive folder

Tech/Development Tasks

IMPORTANT: Always hard refresh and empty cache before giving feedback (How to do it?)

If you want us to work on your existing site, please create a new WP admin user and share the login and password with us (How to do it?)

If you want us to fix a technical issue on your site, please always add a video screen recording to your brief as we might not see the same issue on our end.

How NOT to Delegate Tasks:

Assume we have the same pictures in your mind when you use words like modern, fresh, futuristic, or another adjective.

Commenting under tasks like on WhatsApp or SMS - a sentence per comment but 10 in a row.

Requesting new tasks in the comment section of another task instead of using the task request form.

A complete website redesign is not a task but a project. Start with a task like ‘Design concept for the homepage’ and then go from there. Your project manager will guide you.

Please Keep in Mind

Our design and development team is based in the Philippines and works from 8 am to 5 pm (GMT+8) Manila time. See if we are currently working on this map.

We don’t work on weekends.

We don’t work on most public holidays in the Philippines, but we usually make sure that we add the working time over the next days.

Feel free to fill up your task queue. You don’t need to wait until the previous task is completed. It also helps us to manage the workload.

When adding multiple tasks at once, please choose only one task with a high priority.

Please make sure that you have your projects planned out and structured into single pages before requesting a website redesign. If project management is not your thing, please book a call with us and we help you out with it as much as possible.