Finally, we’ve re-launched our company Growmodo.

And you might think:

“Re-launch? I was not even aware that you launched the first time!”…

Ok I get it, chances are high you don’t even know Growmodo 1.0.

Never mind…It’s gone now anyway ?

Either way, I’d like to share a little bit of our story with you so you can understand why we pivoted our business model and what we do differently now.

It might give you inspiration or helps you in case you are thinking about a change in direction too.

The fairy tale of the perfect startup launch

Once upon a time, my co-founder Roman and I decided to start a company with the beautiful name “Growmodo” and became (overnight) tremendously successful…
…Just kidding!

So let’s start again.

After years of working on various side projects and marketing campaigns for clients, we decided to build a real online business ?.

So in 2016, we launched a small site called which offered startups and small business owners the opportunity to hire marketers for specific tasks (or gigs).

All the marketing experts in our network were remote freelancers or specialised agencies that completed the jobs for our customers behind the Growmodo brand.

And it all started out well…

While still in the process of developing the platform we won multiple business contests.

We won multiple business contests.
And shortly after Growmodo went online, we got hunted on and became the most popular product of the day on August 12th, 2016.

So we got a boost in website traffic and our first customers were flying in…

Growmodo 1.0 on
But launching a business is a completely different story than running and growing a business.

To make a long story short, after almost 2 years we learned a lot about the industry, our ideal customer and ourselves.

Eventually, we confronted ourselves with questions that made us think.

Questions like…

  • If we would start today, what kind of business would we want to build?
  • What are our core values and are we currently really aligned with them?
  • Is our company Humanity-Plus or Humanity-Minus? In other words, is our company good for the world?
  • What would we work on if our financial needs were already taking care of?
Our answers made it super clear to us what we have to do to eventually build the business we really want to run.

So we decided to start again from scratch…

Welcome to the NEW Growmodo

The New Growmodo
Today we are officially announcing our new business and it’s not only a change in design or branding.

Growmodo is a marketing concierge service that lets small business owners get access to top creative talent on-demand.

If you struggle with the day to day tasks of running a business online, either an e-commerce store or your local business website, we help you get your time back and build a beautiful brand.

For a simple flat price, you can request unlimited graphic design, technical website and on-page marketing tasks.

Get everything done in 3 simple steps:

How We Work
Your tasks will be organised for you in one dashboard within our project management system and you can easily communicate with our team members via email.

What Tasks Can You Request

Based on your plan you can request design tasks like…
Design Tasks
Technical website tasks like…
Technical Tasks
Or marketing tasks like…
Automation Tasks
But those are just a couple of task examples that you could delegate to us.

If you don’t know what you should do next in your marketing, don’t worry, you will have your dedicated account manager on your hand to guide you through your design and website optimisations.

How we want to build a GOOD company

We believe that entrepreneurs have the great chance and responsibility to make a positive impact on the world with their companies.

That’s why we are turning Growmodo into a social enterprise.

From every payment, we give away 10% to TechnoServe, a non-profit organisation that supports people in the developing world with business education so they can build their own profitable micro-business and help their families get out of poverty.

Re-Design Your Business Life

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Written by Paul Preisler

Written by Paul Preisler

Paul is a co-founder at Growmodo and loves helping B2B companies with customer-centric web design and digital marketing that drives growth.

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