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170+ Marketing Tactics to Get More Website Traffic in 2020

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170+ Marketing Tactics to Get More Website Traffic

Nailing customer-centric website design will help you convert more visitors, but using the right marketing tactics will help you scale your business.

In other words.

You built your lemonade stand; now you need to find the right street corner so that people will buy from you.

Every entrepreneur is overcome with happiness and relief the moment that they’ve finally launched a website she is proud of.

But most become stuck in the moment of excitement so much that they’ll sit frozen at their desk staring blankly at a screen, waiting for people visit their site.

This may be a bit of a hyperbole, but it’s not an entirely inaccurate scenario.

The main thing that a lot of business owners forget about is developing a strategy to attract their ideal customers using proper marketing tactics.

The most successful companies typically use a combination of smaller marketing tactics that are easy to implement and strategies for steady growth and continuous improvement.

“Everyone has an idea. But it’s really about executing the idea and attracting other people to help you work on the idea.”

Jack Dorsey

We put together this guide of more than 170 marketing tactics to help you get more traffic to your website in 2019 and beyond.

Marketing Tactics vs Execution

Here’s the thing: 

There’s not really a shortage of good marketing tactics or ideas on this planet. 

In fact, a lot of marketers are also creatives who can brainstorm unique, revenue-generating ideas for hours. 

The problem starts when it’s time to actually execute them.

The first thing to realize is that translating your ideas requires a solid plan with actionable steps. 


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Throwing mud at the wall because you have an overall vision just won’t cut it.

The planning phase should account for all the details about the campaign, such as outcome goals, marketing activities you’ll apply, and how you’ll remain consistent with branding while speaking to your target audience.

“When you align your message with what people are already passionate about, you are able to make an emotional connection.”

Tim Burke, Co-Founder and CEO of Affinio

Putting all of the pieces in place—meaning the tools and resources you’ll be using—before you begin executing your idea will help things run more smoothly in the long run.

Remember that even if you do have a strong idea and successful execution, you need to have a good product or service for you to stay in business.

How to Prioritize and Manage Your Marketing Tactics

You’ll definitely have lots of marketing ideas during the course of running your company. 

But each idea doesn’t have to be executed and every idea has its specific time for coming to fruition. 

When it comes to managing B2B marketing ideas, it’s important that you set aside time to organize and filter.

Try making a large list of ideas on a scheduled time, such as monthly or quarterly. Then set standards for whether an idea should stay or be removed from the list by asking questions such as:

  • Will this bring short- or long-term growth?
  • Does it fit the budget?
  • What type of ROI can we expect and is it worth it?
  • Is the idea unique and creative enough?
  • Can this be executed without straying away from our brand and message?

We suggest you prioritize your idea backlog based on

  • Potential impact
  • Time commitment
  • Necessary resources

But keep in mind.

Just because you can’t roll out a specific campaign this year doesn’t mean it won’t be useful in the future.

It’s important to think realistically about your company’s needs at the present moment. Every idea is a portion of a bigger picture that’ll get you to the next level.

170+ Marketing Tactics That You
Should Test in 2019

You’ll find an extensive list of proven marketing tactics below and more inside our free download here.

‘Pay to Play’: Using Advertising Tactics to Predict the Number of Website Visitors

The fastest way to drive a massive amount of traffic to your site is through paid media.

This can be Facebook Ads, Google Adwords banner ads, and much more.

Media buying is an art and science as it requires a good feeling of attention-grabbing creatives and a focus on the advertising cost as well as ROI.

Managed well, you can almost predict the amount of website traffic and have the ability to scale your business faster. 

Using Advertising Tactics to Predict the Number of Website Visitors - Marketing Tactics

Here are some of the hacks that you can copy from advertising experts:

1. [Facebook ads] Duplicate your creative without losing engagement: People love social proof. Even if they are not aware of it. Ads with a lot of likes and reactions get a high click-through-rate. Just use the same ad creative over and over again to keep the engagement.

2. [Facebook ads] Increase CTRs by 20–30% with emojis and gifs: Try to use some emojis in your ad caption to get the attention of your customer and increase engagement.

3. [Google search ads] Run location-specific ads (even as an online business): Unless you have plans for world domination, your pay-per-click ads don’t need to be seen by everyone on the planet. It’s much more likely that the products and services you’re advertising will be limited to a handful of countries, cities, or even city blocks.

4. [Instagram ads] Show your video ads only to people who are connected to WiFi: If you use video ads on Instagram you might lose out on attention because your video is not loading fast enough. This is how you can prevent that.

5. Promote products on Product Hunt: The biggest community of makers and people interested in new tech products, books and other stuff.

6. [YouTube ads] Use ads to drive people to another video, instead of your site: It is not always necessary to send users to your website to consume your content. Try to keep them on the platform and retarget them later on.

7. Sponsor a podcast: Being mentioned to the right community on a podcast can send you thousands of new visitors to your site as you can leverage the relationship the host has with her audience.

Leverage Niche Communities to Drive Targeted Traffic

The internet is basically a digital country that contains millions of small villages with similar interests.

The development of Facebook in the last years is a very good example of the evolution of the internet.

As the Newsfeed has less and less engagement, you see the engagement on FB groups increasing.

Leverage Niche Communities to Drive Targeted Traffic - Marketing Tactics

Use these online communities to try out some of these marketing tactics:

8. Answer questions on Quora: Quora is the biggest Q&A site in the world and a great source for content ideas as well as a great place for content distribution.

9. Create your own Facebook group: Community building is a marketing trend that many brands do very well. Facebook is the preferred platform for most of them.

10. Host a Reddit AMA: An AMA is a Q & A event forum on and can be found under the IAmA subreddit. Subreddits are smaller communities on Reddit that focus on a specific topic. News, World News, Knitting, Feminism, Pictures, Funny, and DataIsBeautiful are some examples.

11. Post content in niche forums: Yes, forums still exist. Find the places your ideal customer hangs out online to get answers to their questions and be the person who gives the advice.

12. Post content to Reddit: Reddit can be a tough community to deal with. However, there are marketers who managed to drive a lot of traffic to their content from subreddits.

Email Marketing: Still the Traffic Source with the On Average Highest ROI

It’s the old saying.

“The money is in the list”

Even in times of social media addiction and more and more videos consumptions, email is still one of the best places to drive traffic to your offerings.

Email Marketing - Still the Traffic Source wit the On Average Highest ROI - Marketing Tactics

It seems that email marketing is destined to stay.

At least for a while.

However, most companies don’t use the full power of email and marketing automation in their campaigns.

If that’s you, you can start testing these marketing tactics next:

13. Offer a bonus after signup for social shares: Once someone trusts you enough to give you her contact details, ask for more by benefiting them for their social share.

14. Optimize subject lines based on emotional triggers: Emotional triggers are the secret to successful email campaigns. If you can’t make them open your email, everything else is irrelevant.

15. Promote your content via email outreach: Find the top influencers in your niche and reach out to them via email and ask them to share or link to your content. It needs to be groundbreaking high-quality content!

16. Segment your email lists by buyer persona: Did you know that personalized emails deliver 6X higher transaction rates, yet 70% of brands fail to use them?

17. Write emails with 50-125 words for maximum response rate: According to Boomerang’s data, emails between 50 and 125 words had the best response rates at just above 50%.

18. Set up an abandoned shopping cart sequence to drive users back to their cart: 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes a sale. That implies that your sales numbers may only be one-third of what they could potentially be.

Try Offline Channels to Make People Visit Your Website on Their Phone

More and more companies allocate a larger amount of their marketing budget to online marketing channels.

This hurts small advertisers as the prices are increasing, which will probably not change soon.

Try Offline Channels to Make People Visit Your Website on Their Phone - Marketing Tactics

Depending on your business model, it might be worth it considering some offline alternatives to make people aware that you exist.

Some of them cost you anything.

Others require a bigger marketing budget.

But there are marketing tactics for everybody:

19. Attend meetups: Meetups are a great place to network with other professionals. Check out the local events on and find groups with potential customers or partners.

20. Host a conference: Raise your company profile and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. It is time-consuming and expensive but can be worth it in the long term.

21. Make T-shirts and give them away: People love free t-shirts and are very often curious what’s behind the logo. You have the chance to use other people’s body as advertising space.

22. Pitch your business on startup events: Pitch competitions attract a lot of business professionals and can even give you press for your startup. It is also a great way to get feedback and improve your product over time.

23. Sponsor conferences and industry events: Research has found about 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority and 67% of all attendees represent a new prospect and potential customer for exhibiting companies.


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Say “We don’t have enough traffic” ever again. Download our list of 170+ Ways to bring thousands of new prospects to your site.  
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OPA: Use Other People’s Audiences

You don’t need to start from scratch if you know someone who is already ahead of you and willing to help.

What’s true in real life, is also applicable to the online world.

OPA: Use Other People's Audiences - Marketing Tactics

Leveraging other people’s websites and driving more traffic to your website is probably the most common way to get visitors.


There might be some tactics that you have never tried before:

24. Buying sites that already attract your target customers: Buying a ready-made website means purchasing an already functional website and everything that comes with it: domain, design, content, traffic, and rankings.

25. Create a Wikipedia page with your link: Wikipedia is a living, breathing encyclopedia where anyone can add their own pages, articles, and knowledge. Having a Wikipedia page gives you more credibility and drives traffic to your business.

26. Create an online course for Udemy or Skillshare: Teaching an online course is a great way to leverage your skills and earn a side income at the same time.

27. Get interviewed on a podcast: Podcasts became huge in the last years and it is a great way to reach a completely new audience that would have never heard from you otherwise.

28. Publish an ebook on Amazon: Ebooks have taken over the world thanks to Kindle and the iPad. Instead of publishing your lead magnet on your website you can also self-publish it on Amazon for free.

29. Repurpose your blog post on Leverage your writing efforts by publishing your content not only on your site but on one of the biggest blogging network in the world.

30. Use to drive traffic from other people’s content: Add a CTA button to the links you share so you can drive the traffic back to your site. You can even add a retargeting pixel and follow the visitors with ads that are related to the content they looked at.

Make Big Media Publications Write About You

Being featured in top media outlets can not only drive a lot of website traffic but also build your company’s reputation.

Businesses with an interesting story behind them can help journalists out who are constantly looking for exciting content.  

Make Big Media Publications Write About You - Marketing Tactics

Once featured in Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post and co, you can use their logos on your website and build social proof.

Which will also help you with your conversion rates.

So it’s worth it to test these marketing tactics out:

31. Get listed on Google News: If you carefully follow Google’s guidelines (and write about current topics that people want to read), Google News can help take your content marketing efforts to the next level.

32. Mention journalist in Quora answers and build relationships: Building good relationships is critical if you want to use PR as one of your growth channels. Quora is a great platform to make a good first impression.

33. Optimize your media pitch: Journalists get hundreds of emails a day. Make sure you stand out with a newsworthy story that shows value to the reporter and helps with her next article.

34. Pitch journalists to promote your content: Especially if you have visual content, exciting stories as well as scientific studies, make sure you reach out to journalists who covered similar content before and pitch it to them.

35. Use HARO to be featured in articles: HARO stands for ‘Help A Reporter Out’ and gives you the chance to get featured in publications by providing your expert advice for free.

Referral Marketing:
Let Your Customers Do The Marketing for You

B2B companies that receive referrals have a 70% higher conversion rate and report a 69% faster deal closing time.

We all trust our friends more than advertising we see on TV or social media.

But how can you motivate your customers to talk about you?

Referral Marketing: Let Your Customers Do The Marketing for You - Marketing Tactics

36. Ask for referrals on your thank you page: Most entrepreneurs and salespeople never ask for references. It makes them uncomfortable, or they forget about it. Fortunately, you can automate it on your website by asking your users to refer you just after someone made a purchase.

37. Build joint ventures with companies that offer complementary products/services: One of the oldest strategies to grow a company is by partnering up with other companies. The right BizDev partner can not only drive traffic to your page but gives you as well credibility.

38. Encourage social shares with in-product rewards: If you have a SaaS product or online game, you can give your users more features or other benefits by sharing your app on social networks.

39. Make it easy to invite colleagues/friends to the app: If you have a SaaS product, encourage your users to add their colleagues or friends to the app so they can collaborate or use it together.

40. Start a double-sided incentivized referral program: People like to share great products and services with their friends, but by offering both parties a benefit, they can be honest about it.

One of the Oldest But Still Relevant Digital Marketing Tactics: Google Search Traffic

Of course,  there is not really something like free traffic. 

You still need to put in some time and effort to improve your ranking even if you don’t hire an SEO agency.

Google Search Traffic - Marketing Tactics

Here are some of the SEO hacks that you can apply by yourself to get more traffic from Google:

41. Add the year to your title tag to increase CTR: Mentioning the current year in your title represents the freshness and makes people click on your search listing.

42. Ask customers to use your keywords in Google reviews: Google reviews have a huge effect on your local search rankings even better when they mention your top keywords in their review.

43. Avoid using keyword tags: Search engines no longer take the keyword meta tag into account when scanning and indexing your site.

44. Create pillar content as the head of a keyword cluster: The topic cluster methodology, also known as the “pillar-and-cluster” technique, is an SEO strategy that focuses on topics rather than keywords, a model is an intent-based approach that simplifies blog archives by creating content around one central topic – referred to as the “pillar” page or post.

45. Create WP plugins or Chrome extensions for backlinks and branding: A little bit ‘outside the box’, but if you have the development power you can use the strategy to attract thousands of backlinks.

46. Optimize anchor text ratio: If your on-page content is optimized for “dog food” and 100% of your anchors are “dog food”, then you will get a penalty from Google.

47. Start your headlines with “Why” or “How” to attract more backlinks: “Why Posts”, “What Posts” and infographics received 25.8% more links compared to videos and “How-to” posts.

48. Use modifiers in your titles and keywords: Modifiers are words that people add on to a base keyword when trying to find more relevant search results in a search engine. They include adjectives, materials, slang, shopping terms, verbs, questions and anything else that would bring back a more relevant result.

Get Attention on Social Media and Drive Traffic Back to Your Site

Most of our internet consumption these days takes place on social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

Therefore, it is one of the best places to get your customers’ attention to make them aware of you and your content. 

Get Attention on Social Media and Drive Traffic Back to Your Site - Marketing Tactics

But even if you post content on Instagram & Co on a regular basis, there are always some marketing tactics that you haven’t tried before:

49. Add ‘swipe up’ link to Instagram Stories: Adding Instagram story links can make a massive impact on how many of your Instagram followers convert to paying customers, so it’s worth testing.

50. Answer questions in the comments and boost engagement: Facebook loves posts with comments. If you ask people to comment on your posts with their questions that you answer you can boost your post’s reach massively.

51. Broadcast content via FB messenger chatbots: Some companies achieve open rates over 90% for broadcast notifications over Facebook messenger. You can use tools like MobileMonkey to automate the process.

52. Find YouTube Influencer to review your product/service: Potential customers turn to YouTube influencers to discover products and get reviews, tips and tutorials on everything from makeup to their next mattress purchase.

53. Promote your content on social media via Quuu Promote: Quuu Promote allows you to promote content within their network, exposing your new posts to audiences beyond your own.

54. Turn your blog content into a viral video using Lumen5: Lumen5 is one of the fastest and elegant ways to convert existing articles into videos. You can further use these videos on your social media platform, YouTube or other video hosting websites to gain links or drive more traffic.

55. Use thank you tags to skyrocket the views on LinkedIn posts: LinkedIn shows the posts where people are tagged to other people in that person’s network. So the more people with large networks you tag, the more you increase your post reach.

Treat Your Website Like Your #1 Marketing Asset

There is no point to send traffic to your website if people leave your site after a few seconds because they don’t like what they see. 

Treat Your Website Like Your #1 Marketing Asset - Marketing Tactics

Make sure your content is engaging and helps you to attract even more visitors.

Landing on your page should be the start of the relationship, not the end.

Here are just a few tips you can implement with ease:

56. Optimize blog headlines for high click-through-rates: 89% of articles on the entire web get less than 100 shares. Headlines are important. They attract people to read the rest of your content and make sure to engage your audience.

57. Use “The Skyscraper Technique” to outperform your competition: The skyscraper technique is a reasonably simple method that will allow you to see the “top content” for a given keyword string or topic idea. You then go ahead and create content for the same keyword that is 10x better.

58. Use “click to tweet” links in your blog posts: It’s a great little technique for getting more tweets and driving more traffic to your blog. As long as you select short, exciting excerpts or quotes, you can have a significant impact.

59. Write blog posts based on trendy/popular topics: Use BuzzSumo and Google Trends to find out what people are talking about and create content around it.

60. Host a virtual summit with industry experts: Hosting a summit can be one of the least expensive and quickest ways to generate traffic, leads, and sales for your business, no matter what industry you’re in.


Website Traffic Cheat Sheet

Say “We don’t have enough traffic” ever again. Download our list of 170+ Ways to bring thousands of new prospects to your site.  
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Why Great Marketing Tactics Are Not Enough

“Great Execution is the Ultimate Differentiator.”

Margaret Molloy

Just having great ideas to drive more traffic to your website won’t get you too far, but it’s an important stepping stone to growing your company.

You need elements, ideas, and execution, all wrapped inside a well-thought-out action plan to see some real lasting results.

Don’t get too attached to every idea, as you’ll probably not be able to use them all.

Remember to choose the ideas that will give your business the best results and execute them at the right times.

From Google Adwords to social media, even the most subtle of your marketing efforts count.

But even if you manage to drive a high number of people to your business website, you need to make sure you convert them to leads and customers.

Make sure you use appropriate web design best practices to create a high-converting website.

Are you frustrated about your website results? 

The Ultimate List of Website Conversion Tips

Download our Google sheet with almost 100 ideas to optimize your website for conversions and join the 5-Day Growth Challenge to grow your website’s impact without spending more on advertising.