The gate between your website and your audience are opt-in forms. 

As you already know, an opt-in form that is placed on the landing page with offers that visitors cannot resist does its job exceptionally well.

Forms play a big part in how fast you can grow your list.

And the faster your list grows, the faster your business grows.

The number of successful subscriptions can be easily monitored by the opt-in forms on the website. 

But in 2019, getting subscribers is much more than simply placing forms.

They need to be at the right place, and more importantly, they need to be personalized for the reader on the other side of the screen.

Opt-In Forms That Build Relationships
With Your Ideal Customer

The following 5 personalization tips will enable you to make your opt-in forms much more effective.

They help you in making that gate between the website and the audience a lot more effective.

1. Use Your Subscriber’s Name: Give Them a ‘Just for You’ Feeling

Personalized opt-in forms have become an essential component to boost the conversation with the audience. 74% of your audience expects a personalized experience on your website.

When the content isn’t customized to their preferences the conversion rate drops.

The best way to personalize your opt-in form is by including the name of the customer in the copy.

Most websites do this by having their visitors register with a username.

Use Your Subscriber's Name - Opt In Forms
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Their own name is your customer’s favorite word in the word.

We love when someone remembers our name. It makes us feel special.

You can provide that same feeling on scale with personalized pop-up content.

2. Location-Based Messaging: Local Targeting in a Global Market

Visitors location can also be helpful in personalizing the opt-in form by giving an option of the location to the customer.

The customers select the place and get engaged in the campaign.

When the audience is redirected to the customized website of your company (according to the location), the probability of signing in improves.

This way of targeting the audience on the basis of their locations is also called Geolocation targeting.


Location-Based Messaging - Opt In Forms


Like the team from KlientBoost when you visit the site from Australia.

3. Chatbots: Conversational Opt-In Forms

Many companies are using chatbots to interact with their customers.

A chatbot is a software that can converse with humans via a live chat interface.

Many brands use chatbots to facilitate the sale and also to find the required information from the audience.

A simple chatbot will scan the keywords in your customer’s inquiry and deliver a pre-packaged answer.

The customers get engaged with a chatbot and this provides 24/7 customer services to your audience.

This also gives you a chance to engage customers on many different levels and create a robust brand image.

These chatbots also make it easier for new users to clear all their doubts and get familiar with the services provided in a quick and engaging way.

Chatbots - Opt In Forms


Drift, Intercom and Tars all provide AI-based chatbots, which have been welcomed by a lot of business owners like you in recent times.

4. Pop-Up Surveys: Customize Opt-In Forms to User Interests

We all have seen 2-step landing page opt-in forms.

Instead of asking for an email address directly, you let them click on a button and make a pop-up appear.

In many cases, it converts better than the traditional form.

Survey pop-ups allow you to customize the user experience and gather additional data before asking to opt-in.

You can then add specific tags in your email marketing software to send targeted automations.

Pop-Up Surveys - Opt In Forms


Growmodo has a pop-up survey to guide you according to your web design (and other) needs.

5. Use Page-Level Targeting: Behavior-Based Opt-In Forms

Page-level-targeting basically allows you to create multiple options on specific pages of the company website.

The more relevant your resource is on the campaign, the more engaged the visitor will be.

Use Page-Level Targeting - Opt In Forms
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You can make use of page-level targeting to display various offers, depending on the different groups of visitors.

And you can do the same in your email campaign; if the product supports it, you can customize the product according to the visitors coming in from the campaigns. is a great example of that, as shown in the image above.

This method allows you to segment the emails and group of subscribers based on their interest and interaction on your website.

6. Spin Wheels: Gamified Opt-In Forms

Interactive campaigns put your audience in charge, and that increases their motivation to engage and subscribe.

Users engage in games to feel the sense of accomplishment that comes from winning.

It’s Fun and Exciting! From a user’s point of view, spinning a wheel with the possibility of winning something is irresistible!

Games like spinning are hard to resist, and they make the visitor feel involved.

Gamified opt-ins are known to turn 2-3% conversions rates into 30% and above.

Spin Wheels - Opt In Forms
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Businesses like Zwende have utilized gamified opt-ins perfectly by offering spin wheels on their homepage.

This motivates their user base to keep coming back for more and shop more frequently on the website, as that gives them more opportunities to spin the wheels and get further rewards.

7. Personalized Content Upgrades: Giving Your Users a Little Extra

You need an enticing offer to trap those first-time visitors because chances are, they’ll never return otherwise.

If you can give something valuable in exchange for their email address, you can woo them from their own inbox.

The online signup form should be simple and appealing to the audience and the content should be easily directed to the message.

Also, an easy and simple form solely will not promise the flood of submissions. The form should have a free lead magnet which will eventually attract more customers and more sign-ups on your website.

Your form should have benefits of subscribing mentioned that compel the visitor to sign-up.

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A good example of this would be SendX which offers an offline version of its massive collections and guides as a content upgrade. 

Every website and its audience is different.

The kind of techniques an author would use on his website to collect leads could be very different from say a blogger or a B2B company.

Thus it’s is always better to test what brings better results to the table before moving forward.

If email lead generation is one of your primary goals, these techniques will definitely give a boost to your opt-in conversions.

And using one of the most popular Mailchimp Alternatives is a great way to get started with getting these conversions. 

Written by Mayank Agarwal

Written by Mayank Agarwal

Mayank is a founder of SendX – an intuitive, affordable email marketing software.

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