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What Do We Expect?

We get a lot of writing requests, so please make sure you meet our content guidelines:

  • Read this entire page before you send us an email with your content pitch. In this way, we both avoid wasting time.
  • Make sure we haven’t covered the topic already on our blog.
  • The purpose of this blog is to provide value to our audience. Please only submit how-to article ideas with clear step-by-step instructions that the reader can put into practice.
  • No pre-written posts that you already published somewhere else with another headline
  • Cover the topic entirely and strive to write the best piece of content around the subject that you can find on the internet.

Editorial Guidelines

Web Design, Conversion Rate Optimization, Branding, Productivity, Growth Marketing Strategy

Minimum 2,000 words

Buyer Persona:
CEOs of technology or consulting companies, Marketing manager and agency owners

The Tone of Writing:
personal, entertaining, caring, enthusiastic, simple

Do your homework and add accurate statistics and studies to your article.

Writing Style:

  • Content has to be optimized for specific keywords (without keyword stuffing)
  • Make sure you understand our ideal customer profile.
  • Use personal language
  • Write for a 9th grader.
  • Every sentence needs to count. No fluff.
  • Write as if you would talk to one person.
  • Use “you” often
  • We will use many images, so please add [graphic/image idea] in between the lines.
  • Use quotes to break up the text.
  • Use more whitespace and don’t chunk the content into long paragraphs.
  • Use bullet points when possible to break up the content or to give instructions.


We don’t accept articles with links to competitors.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Please write and provide the article in Google Docs.
  • Make sure H1, H2, and H3 headlines are correctly defined.
  • Please add images, gifs, or videos to your article.
  • Don’t worry about the graphics styles. Our team will recreate graphics to match our blog design.

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