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Hourly pay sucks. With our flat monthly pricing we both have a benefit by delivering quality work fast.

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Note: All prices listed on our website are exclusive of applicable taxes, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

All Plans Include

No matter if you run a small business, startup, agency, or work as a marketing consultant, our pricing is designed to help you scale your business and do high-quality work every time you need to get things done.

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Growth Marketing Manager
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“With Growmodo I was able to focus on the bigger marketing plan instead of spending a lot of time updating the website. This way I could get way more done in the same time. Thank you very much!”
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Growmodo Testimonial 5 Stars Rate
“The Growmodo team has been extremely professional and friendly. These guys are wonderful to deal with, very responsive and do always a great job. Thank you.”
Complete Customs Redesign
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Use Growmodo for a New Website or a Complete Custom Redesign

Let us create a unique website redesign strategy and lift your brand and conversions. You can choose if you want to work with us on a project basis or with a monthly subscription. Talk to one of our website strategists today!

In Case You Are Wondering…

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You can use a rule of thumb to estimate the turnaround time for complete redesigns: 

1-2 business days for the design concept per page and
1-2 business days for the development per page.

However, once we are working on the internal pages, things move faster, of course. But every website is different, so keep in mind that we won’t guarantee any turnaround time! We created websites in 2 weeks and also in 4 months. It depends on a lot of factors like:

  • How many pages do you need?
  • How complex is your site?
  • Do you use stock photography or custom graphics?
  • Are specific features required?
  • Do we need to custom code certain sections?
  • Do you know what you want or want us to experiment with different designs?
  • How fast are you with your feedback?

Also, please keep in mind that we custom design every page and don’t use off-the-shelf templates.

A task is a single piece of work that you want to delegate. So a complete website redesign is not a task but a project. A task would be then, for example, ‘creating a new homepage design concept’ or developing one page. Here is a list of common tasks you can delegate to us.

No, we specialize in websites. However, when you provide us with a wireframe, we can create UX design concepts for web and mobile apps. 

We can work with all landing page builders and WP page builders like Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder. When we build new websites, we usually use the Elementor page builder.

That depends on the kind of tasks you request and how fast and detailed you are with your feedback. The customers that get the most of our service have a clear marketing plan and give detailed instructions to avoid revisions. 

No, we don’t create website content. However, when you work with us on a complete website redesign within the growth plan, we will give you content feedback, suggest an effective content structure, and help you hire a copywriter with industry experience.

Over the years, we specialized in WordPress, Shopify and Webflow sites. We can also work with other CMS, but you might need to calculate with higher turnaround time in the first month after your signup to give our team time to adjust to the new system. To be 100% sure, please contact us in advance.

No, you will require your own hosting plan. We can help maintain your hosting service and fix issues with it, but we don’t keep you locked on our hosting. 

Not necessarily. You will have your account manager who stays in touch with you and makes sure that a qualified team member gets the job done. Every designer and developer has its specialty, and that’s why it’s smarter to delegate the task to the best-suited person.

No, we only work on business days during standard business hours. Our team is in Europe and Asia, so you need to consider the time difference. 

Even though the idea sounds sexy to plug in our team into your slack account, we made the experience that information gets lost and messy it’s not organized. If you have any non-task related questions, you can contact our team via email, phone, webchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or even Insta DMs. 

Just choose the plan that is right for you and complete the order process on our website. If you don’t know which plan is required for your needs, feel free to book a call with one of our experts here.

That depends on your task requirements. Please book a call here to discuss it with one of our experts in advance.

After you complete your purchase process, you will receive an onboarding email that will ask you for your general business information, your first task, and scheduling your onboarding call. After we received your submission, we will set up your account in our project management tool (Asana) and prepare your task for the next shift. Even before your onboarding call.

Once your dashboard is set up, we will create a unique form link for your task requests, so they land immediately in your dashboard for your project manager to pick up. 

You will receive a custom task request page that you can bookmark. Once you fill out the form, your task will appear in your task dashboard and is ready to be picked up by our team. 

We manage all your tasks within one dashboard that you get access to once you sign up. Here you can communicate with our team and approve the work. 

Yes, you can, within the Professional and Growth Plan. However, you only get one task dashboard, so we can’t offer a complete white-label solution at this point. 

No, you can use our team for your clients, but when you want us to communicate directly with your clients, we will use our Growmodo brand. 

Yes, we do. You can sign up for it here and earn a 10% commission for every referral. 

Our team is not only a bunch of graphic designers who can follow your instructions. We are web designers and developers who also have marketing knowledge and aim to help you grow your business, not only look pretty. Our project managers are hands-on and give you suggestions about conversion-optimized design, marketing tools, and solve tech challenges. On top of that, you can get on a call with us, whenever you want to discuss ideas.

When you hire an employee, you will also not request a refund for the salary, right? Our team works hard to provide a lot of value to our clients, and we only want to work with people who appreciate good design and hands-on service. However, we don’t keep you in a locked contract either; you can cancel anytime.

No, you pay just a monthly flat-rate for every task that your plan includes. You are free to upgrade or downgrade at any time.

It’s simple, we do one thing, but we do it well. We make your websites work. Beautiful and conversion-optimized. That’s we can streamline our workflow. Full-service agencies usually don’t have the workforce (or nerves) for on-demand website update requests. They also have huge overhead costs because all their team members are local instead of overseas.

It is pretty challenging to pick the right person on a marketplace of thousands of freelancers who tell you everything that you want to hear. You will never hear, “No, sorry I can’t do that.” What most people don’t see is that great designers and developers want a steady income, too, and don’t want to go into a price war for every new project. Growmodo hires only strongly vetted experts and works with them long-term. In this way, you can get access to top designers and developers, even when you just need them from time to time.

Just contact your dedicated account manager, and we will cancel your account.